Nuclear Receptors as Drug Targets

Nuclear Receptors as Drug Targets

Editor(s): Eckhard Ottow, Hilmar Weinmann

Published Online: 19 DEC 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527318728

Online ISBN: 9783527623297

DOI: 10.1002/9783527623297

Series Editor(s): Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers

About this Book

Edited by two experts working at the pioneering pharmaceutical company and major global player in hormone-derived drugs, this handbook and reference systematically treats the drug development aspects of all human nuclear receptors, including recently characterized receptors such as PPAR, FXR and LXR. Authors from leading pharmaceutical companies around the world present examples and real-life data from their own work.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 8

      Nonsteroidal Tissue-Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (pages 249–304)

      Michael L. Mohler, Casey E. Bohl, Ramesh Narayanan, Yali He, Dong Jin Hwang, James T. Dalton and Duane D. Miller

    3. Chapter 9

      Novel Glucocorticoid Receptor Ligands (pages 305–323)

      Heike Schäcke, Khusru Asadullah, Markus Berger and Hartmut Rehwinkel

    4. Chapter 13

      Nuclear Receptors as Targets in Cardiovascular Diseases (pages 409–429)

      Peter Kolkhof, Lars Bärfacker, Alexander Hillisch, Helmut Haning and Stefan Schäfer

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