Seizure Prediction in Epilepsy: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Applications

Seizure Prediction in Epilepsy: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Applications

Editor(s): Björn Schelter, Jens Timmer, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage

Published Online: 30 OCT 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527407569

Online ISBN: 9783527625192

DOI: 10.1002/9783527625192

About this Book

Comprising some 30 contributions, experts from around the world present and discuss recent advances related to seizure prediction in epilepsy. The book covers an extraordinarily broad spectrum, starting from modeling epilepsy in single cells or networks of a few cells to precisely-tailored seizure prediction techniques as applied to human data. This unique overview of our current level of knowledge and future perspectives provides theoreticians as well as practitioners, newcomers and experts with an up-to-date survey of developments in this important field of research.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      The History of Seizure Prediction (pages 11–24)

      M. Jachan, H. Feldwisch genannt Drentrup, Dr. B Schelter and Dr. Jens Timmer

    3. Chapter 3

      Impact of Computational Models for an Improved Understanding of Ictogenesis: From Single Neurons to Networks of Neurons (pages 25–44)

      Marie-Therese Horstmann, Andy Müller, Alexander Rothkegel, Justus Schwabedal, Christian E. Elger and Klaus Lehnertz

    4. Chapter 4

      Effective and Anatomical Connectivity in a Rat Model of Spontaneous Limbic Seizure (pages 45–59)

      Paul R. Carney, Alex Cadotte, Thomas B. Demarse, Baba Vemuri, Thomas H. Mareci and William Ditto

    5. Chapter 9

      Cellular Neural Networks and Seizure Prediction: An Overview (pages 117–129)

      P. Fischer, F. Gollas, R. Kunz, C. Niederhöfer, H. Reichau and R. Tetzlaff

    6. Chapter 10

      Time Series Analysis with Cellular Neural Networks (pages 131–148)

      Anton Chernihovskyi, Dieter Krug, Christian E. Elger and Klaus Lehnertz

    7. Chapter 15

      Bivariate and Multivariate Time Series Analysis Techniques and their Potential Impact for Seizure Prediction (pages 189–208)

      Hannes Osterhage, Stephan Bialonski, Matthäus Staniek, Kaspar Schindler, Tobias Wagner, Christian E. Elger and Klaus Lehnertz

    8. Chapter 16

      A Multivariate Approach to Correlation Analysis Based on Random Matrix Theory (pages 209–226)

      Markus Müller, Gerold Baier, Christian Rummel, Kaspar Schindler and Ulrich Stephani

    9. Chapter 19

      Testing a Prediction Algorithm: Assessment of Performance (pages 249–259)

      J. Chris Sackellares, Deng-Shan Shiau, Kevin M. Kelly and Sandeep P. Nair

    10. Chapter 22

      Vagus Nerve and Hippocampal Stimulation for Refractory Epilepsy (pages 283–297)

      Paul Boon, Veerle De Herdt, Annelies Van Dycke, Tine Wyckhuys, Liesbeth Waterschoot, Riem El Tahry, Dirk Van Roost, Robrecht Raedt, Wytse Wadman and Kristl Vonck

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