Sepsis and Non-Infectious Systemic Inflammation: From Biology to Critical Care

Sepsis and Non-Infectious Systemic Inflammation: From Biology to Critical Care

Editor(s): Jean-Marc Cavaillon, Christophe Adrie

Published Online: 25 MAY 2009

Print ISBN: 9783527319350

Online ISBN: 9783527626151

DOI: 10.1002/9783527626151

About this Book

Providing definitions, clinical features and epidemiology, this handbook and reference adopts a comprehensive approach, describing in detail the various physiological systems involved. As such, it is the first to combine sepsis and non-infectious SIRS, reviewing both the biological and medical aspects of these two important syndromes. The whole is rounded off with a discussion of past, present and future therapies.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Clinical Aspects of Sepsis and SIRS

  2. Part II: Pathogens

    1. Chapter 5

      Pathogens in Sepsis: Gram-Negative Bacterial PAMPs and PRRs (pages 77–108)

      Andra Schromm, Christian Alexander, Thomas Gutsmann, Jörg Andrä and Cordula Stamme

    2. Chapter 6

      Pathogens in Sepsis: Gram-Positive Bacterial PAMPs, PRRs and Superantigens (pages 109–143)

      Christian Alexander, Romney Haylett, Andra Schromm, Ulrich Zähringer and Lothar Rink

    3. Chapter 7

      Pathogens in Sepsis: Fungi, Parasites (pages 145–173)

      Frédéric Méchaï, Fabrice Bruneel, Fanny Lanternier, Stephane Legriel, Jean-Pierre Bédos and Olivier Lortholary

  3. Part III: Physiopathology of Sepsis and SIRS

    1. Chapter 8

      Inflammatory Mediators (pages 175–204)

      François Philippart, Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Cavaillon and Charles Dinarello

    2. Chapter 12

      Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction as a Mechanism in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Organ Dysfunction (pages 279–297)

      Mitchell P. Fink, Antonella Cotoia, Donna Beer-Stolz, Shiguang Liu, Penny L. Sappington and Russell L. Delude

    3. Chapter 15

      Altered Immune Status and Leukocytes Reprogramming (pages 347–371)

      Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Cavaillon, Minou Adib-Conquy and Dr. Christophe Adrie

  4. Part IV: Experimental Models and Therapies

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