Macromolecules: Applications of Polymers, Volume 4

Macromolecules: Applications of Polymers, Volume 4

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Elias

Published Online: 22 JUN 2011 09:11AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527311750

Online ISBN: 9783527627240

DOI: 10.1002/9783527627240

About this Book

"Macromolecules" provides a broad survey of the entire subject; integrated representations of chemistry, physics, and technology; precise descriptions and definitions of basic phenomena; and balanced treatments of facts and theory. The book series thus intends to bridge the gap between introductory textbooks and the highly specialized texts and monographs that cover only part of polymer science and technology.
Volume I is concerned with the fundamentals of chemical structure and principles of synthesis of macromolecules: constitution, configuration, conformation, polymerization equilibria, polymerization mechanisms (ionic, coordination, free-radical, step reactions, including solid-state and biochemical polymerizations), polymer reactions, and strategies for defined polymer architectures.
Volume II discusses individual polymers and their industrial syntheses, Volume III the fundamentals of physical structures and properties, and Volume IV the processing and application of polymers as plastics, fibers, elastomers, thickeners, etc.

The world of macromolecules in a nutshell.

Table of contents

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