Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Proteins: From Technology to Economy

Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Proteins: From Technology to Economy

Author(s): Dr.-Ing. Stefan Behme

Print ISBN: 9783527324446

Online ISBN: 9783527627691

DOI: 10.1002/9783527627691


"It is unusual to find a book of such complexity and diversity written by a single author.  Clearly Stefan Behme has been involved in all aspects of manufacture of pharmaceutical proteins whilst at Bayer and Bayer-Schering, and this experience shows in the depth of understanding of each topic, and the inter-relationship between the various sections on technology which includes chapters on the manufacturing process and on analytics, pharmacy, QA, pharmaceutical law, production facilities and economy...The author covers a vast amount of material in the almost 400 pages, and this is valuable, since there are few books on pharmaceutical manufacture.  His industrial practice and understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of modern manufacture shines through each chapter.  As a result, a highly readable and comprehensive book has been produced. Highly recommended to those needing an appreciation of industrial manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals." (Organic Process Research and Development, January 2011)

"This volume will be an excellent introductory course for the subject matter." (New Biological Books, June 2010)

"A timely addition … [to] the field of protein production, analytics, biotechnology and regulatory affairs. The clear layout of figures and the use of color, when needed, help the reader to gain a quick understanding of topics such as production planning … .The large number of topics covered here turns this book into a rich source of information … .Students can benefit from this book by finding answers quickly and familiarizing themselves with topics usually not presented in one text book. Many others involved in the manufacturing and marketing process of biopharmaceuticals such as lawyers and business developers can learn more about technical aspects of protein production. The author contributes with this book to closing the 'language gap' between all disciplines involved in the highly complex manufacturing process of pharmaceutical proteins." (ChemMedChem, October 2009)