Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information, and Complexity

Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information, and Complexity

Editor(s): Wolfgang Arendt, Wolfgang P. Schleich

Published Online: 21 AUG 2009

Print ISBN: 9783527408306

Online ISBN: 9783527628025

DOI: 10.1002/9783527628025

About this Book

Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information, and Complexity deals with the analysis of evolution, information and complexity. The time evolution of systems or processes is a central question in science, this text covers a broad range of problems including diffusion processes, neuronal networks, quantum theory and cosmology. Bringing together a wide collection of research in mathematics, information theory, physics and other scientific and technical areas, this new title offers elementary and thus easily accessible introductions to the various fields of research addressed in the book.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 4

      Relating Simulation and Modeling of Neural Networks (pages 137–155)

      Stefano Cardanobile, Heiner Markert, Delio Mugnolo, Günther Palm and Friedhelm Schwenker

    3. Chapter 6

      Symmetries in Quantum Graphs (pages 181–196)

      Jens Bolte, Stefano Cardanobile, Delio Mugnolo and Robin Nittka

    4. Chapter 7

      Distributed Architecture for Speech-Controlled Systems Based on Associative Memories (pages 197–218)

      Zöhre Kara Kayikci, Dmitry Zaykovskiy, Heiner Markert, Wolfgang Minker and Günther Palm

    5. Chapter 8

      Machine Learning for Categorization of Speech Utterances (pages 219–241)

      Amparo Albalate, David Suendermann, Roberto Pieraccini and Wolfgang Minker

    6. Chapter 9

      Semi-Supervised Clustering in Functional Genomics (pages 243–271)

      Johann M. Kraus, Günther Palm, Friedhelm Schwenker and Hans A. Kestler

    7. Chapter 12

      The Sampling Theorem in Theory and Practice (pages 333–354)

      Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arendt, Michal Chovanec, Jürgen Lindner and Robin Nittka

    8. Chapter 15

      Factorization (pages 395–431)

      Rüdiger Mack, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang P. Schleich, Daniel Haase and Helmut Maier

    9. Chapter 17

      QuickSort from an Information Theoretic View (pages 455–464)

      Beatrice List, Markus Maucher, Uwe Schöning and Rainer Schuler

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