Leichtbau: Prinzipien, Werkstoffauswahl und Fertigungsvarianten

Leichtbau: Prinzipien, Werkstoffauswahl und Fertigungsvarianten

Editor(s): Hans Peter Degischer, Sigrid Lüftl

Published Online: 7 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9783527323722

Online ISBN: 9783527628247

DOI: 10.1002/9783527628247

About this Book

Offering engineers and material scientists an explanation of the complex interrelations between numerous lightweight construction methods, this book is didactically structured to cover the spectrum from determining requirements, to calculations and optimization, via component developments and choice of materials, right up to design and manufacturing techniques.
Examples from transportation and racing illustrate the methods and interdependencies between the choice of material and design.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Leichtbauprinzipien (pages 1–75)

      Helga Lichtenegger, Franz Rammerstorfer, Thomas Daxner and Wilfried Eichlseder

    3. Chapter 2

      Werkstoffangebot für den Leichtbau (pages 77–172)

      Hans Peter Degischer, Isabella Skrna-Jakl and Cecilia Poletti

    4. Chapter 3

      Fertigungstechnischer Leichtbau (pages 173–245)

      Leopold Kniewallner, Herbert Danninger and Bruno Buchmayr

    5. Chapter 5

      Rezyklierbarkeit (pages 279–315)

      Michael Kettner, Hans Peter Degischer and Vasiliki-Maria Archodoulaki

    6. Chapter 6

      Bauteilbeispiele aus dem Transport (pages 317–360)

      Bruno Götzinger, Richard Kretz, Andreas Bilek and Wolfgang Billinger

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