Handbook of Green Chemistry

Handbook of Green Chemistry

Online ISBN: 9783527628698

DOI: 10.1002/9783527628698

Editor(s): Prof. Paul T. Anastas

About this Book

The Handbook of Green Chemistry is a landmark publication in green chemistry. Edited by one of the inventors of the 12 principles of Green Chemistry, Paul Anastas, the Handbook of Green Chemistry is a one-stop resource covering green catalysis, green solvents and green processes.

The Handbook of Green Chemistry covers highly topical areas in green chemistry such as feedstocks, green chemical engineering, green catalysis (homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis), separation techniques and solvents like supercritical fluids, ionic liquids and reactions in water.

It covers the big environmental and product design issues faced by chemists such as how to make nanoscience greener, design safer, sustainable and less toxic chemicals and make chemical synthesis a greener and more sustainable process.

The contents of the following print volumes are available online in the Handbook of Green Chemistry:
Volume 1 – Green Catalysis – Homogeneous Catalysis
Volume 2 – Green Catalysis – Heterogeneous Catalysis
Volume 3 – Green Catalysis – Biocatalysis
Volume 4 – Green Solvents – Supercritical Solvents
Volume 5 – Green Solvents – Reactions in Water
Volume 6 – Green Solvents – Ionic Liquids
Volume 7 – Green Processes – Green Synthesis
Volume 8 – Green Processes – Green Nanoscience
Volume 9 – Green Processes – Designing Safer Chemicals


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