Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

Editor(s): Fabrizio Cavani, Gabriele Centi, Siglinda Perathoner, Ferruccio Trifiró

Published Online: 20 NOV 2009

Print ISBN: 9783527315529

Online ISBN: 9783527629114

DOI: 10.1002/9783527629114

About this Book

In recent years the need for sustainable process design and alternative reaction routes to reduce industry?s impact on the environment has gained vital importance. The book begins with a general overview of new trends in designing industrial chemical processes which are environmentally friendly and economically feasible. Specific examples written by experts from industry cover the possibilities of running industrial chemical processes in a sustainable manner and provide an up-to-date insight into the main concerns, e.g., the use of renewable raw materials, the use of alternative energy sources in chemical processes, the design of intrinsically safe processes, microreactor and integrated reaction/ separation technologies, process intensification, waste reduction, new catalytic routes and/or solvent and process optimization.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 8

      Ecofining: New Process for Green Diesel Production from Vegetable Oil (pages 427–438)

      Franco Baldiraghi, Marco Di Stanislao, Giovanni Faraci, Carlo Perego, Terry Marker, Chris Gosling, Peter Kokayeff, Tom Kalnes and Rich Marinangeli

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