Optical Sensors: Basics and Applications

Optical Sensors: Basics and Applications

Author(s): Dr. Jörg Haus

Print ISBN: 9783527408603

Online ISBN: 9783527629435

DOI: 10.1002/9783527629435


"This book serves as a good introduction to optical sensors. It covers the basics of light sources, detectors, various optical elements, and goes through some concepts about optical sensors and techniques ... Teachers and general readers may find the material useful in preparing for classroom presentations and for general understanding of the optical sensor principles." (Contemporary Physics, 7 November 2011)

"Throughout the text there are numerous references, many of which relate to product data sheets. This overview is extremely useful, and the volume is full of interesting and helpful information. It lives up to its promise of being a comprehensive overview". (Materials World, 1 January 2011).

"This book provides an overview of the necessary components and the range of applications from light barriers to high resolution surface scanning interferometers.  This is a valuable introduction to optical sensors".  (Materials World, 1 October 2010)