Industrial Plasma Technology: Applications from Environmental to Energy Technologies

Industrial Plasma Technology: Applications from Environmental to Energy Technologies

Editor(s): Yoshinobu Kawai, Hideo Ikegami, Noriyoshi Sato, Akihisa Matsuda, Kiichiro Uchino, Masayuki Kuzuya, Akira Mizuno

Published Online: 7 OCT 2010 09:52AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527325443

Online ISBN: 9783527629749

DOI: 10.1002/9783527629749

About this Book

Clearly structured in five major sections on applications, this monograph covers such hot technologies as nanotechnology, solar cell technology, biomedical and clinical applications, and sustainability.
Since the topic, applications and readers are highly interdisciplinary, the book bridges materials science, industrial chemistry, physics, and engineering -- making it a must-have for researchers in industry and academia, as well as those working in application-oriented plasma technology.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 8

      Generation and Application of Wide Area Plasma (pages 93–104)

      Noureddine Zouzou, Kazunori Takashima, Prof. Akira Mizuno and Gerard Touchard

    3. Chapter 9

      Nonthermal Plasma-Based System for Exhaust Treatment under Reduced Atmosphere of Pyrolysis Gases (pages 105–111)

      Marcela Morvová, Viktor Martišovitš, Imrich Morva, Ivan Košinár, Mário Janda, Daniela Kunecová, Nina Kolesárová and Veronika Biskupičová

    4. Chapter 10

      Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Engineering by Plasma Techniques (pages 113–139)

      Prof. Masayuki Kuzuya, Yasushi Sasai, Shin-Ichi Kondo and Yukinori Yamauchi

    5. Chapter 11

      Targeting Dendritic Cells with Carbon Magnetic Nanoparticles Made by Dense-Medium Plasma Technology (pages 141–147)

      Heidi A. Schreiber, Jozsef Prechl, Hongquan Jiang, Alla Zozulya, Zsuzsanna Fabry, Ferencz S. Denes and Matyas Sandor

    6. Chapter 14

      Plasma Sterilization at Normal Atmospheric Pressure (pages 181–192)

      Tetsuya Akitsu, Siti Khadijah Za aba, Hiroshi Ohkawa, Keiko Katayama-Hirayama, Masao Tsuji, Naohiro Shimizu and Yuichirou Imanishi

    7. Chapter 19

      Characteristics of VHF Plasma with Large Area (pages 231–245)

      Prof. Yoshinobu Kawai, Yoshiaki Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Yamauchi and Hiromu Takatsuka

    8. Chapter 27

      Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films Grown in Pulsed-DC Plasmas (pages 339–347)

      Enric Bertran, Miguel Rubio-Roy, Carles Corbella and José-Luis Andújar

    9. Chapter 28

      Plasma Deposition of N-TiO2 Thin Films (pages 349–356)

      Pablo Romero-Gómez, Angel Barranco, José Cotrino, Juan P. Espinós, Francisco Yubero and Agustín R. González-Elipe

    10. Chapter 29

      Investigation of DLC and Multilayer Coatings Hydrophobic Character for Biomedical Applications (pages 357–363)

      Rodica Vladoiu, Aurelia Mandes, Virginia Dinca, Mirelsa Contulov, Victor Ciupina, Cristian Petric Lungu and Geavit Musa

    11. Chapter 33

      Crystallized Nanodust Particles Growth in Low-Pressure Cold Plasmas (pages 399–408)

      Laïfa Boufendi, Marie Christine Jouanny, Marjory Cavarroc, Abdelaziz Mezeghrane, Maxime Mikikian and Yves Tessier

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