Phase Optimization Problems

Phase Optimization Problems

Author(s): Dr. Olena O. Bulatsyk, Prof. Dr. Boris Z. Katsenelenbaum, Dr. Yury P. Topolyuk, Prof. Dr. Nikolai N. Voitovich

Published Online: 14 SEP 2010

Print ISBN: 9783527407996

Online ISBN: 9783527629824

DOI: 10.1002/9783527629824

About this Book

This is the only book available in English language to consider inverse and optimization problems in which phase field distributions are used as optimizing functions. The mathematical technique used relates to nonlinear integral equations, with numerical methods developed and applied to concrete problems.
Written by a team of outstanding and renowned experts in the field, this monograph will appeal to all those dealing with the investigation, design, and optimization of electromagnetic and acoustic radiating and transmitting devices and systems, while also being of interest to mathematicians working on the theory of nonlinear integral equations.

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