The Chemical Biology of DNA Damage

The Chemical Biology of DNA Damage

Editor(s): Nicholas E. Geacintov, Suse Broyde

Published Online: 11 OCT 2010 12:14PM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527322954

Online ISBN: 9783527630110

DOI: 10.1002/9783527630110

About this Book

Bringing the power of biochemical analysis to toxicology, this modern reference explains genotoxicity at the molecular level, showing the links between a DNA lesion and the resulting cellular or organismic response. Clearly divided into two main sections, Part 1 focuses on selected examples of important DNA lesions and their biological impact, while the second part covers current advances in assessing and predicting the genotoxic effects of chemicals, taking into account the biological responses mediated by the DNA repair, replication and transcription machineries.
A ready reference for biochemists, toxicologists, molecular and cell biologists, and geneticists seeking a better understanding of the impact of chemicals on human health.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 9

      Interstrand DNA Cross-Linking 1,N2-Deoxyguanosine Adducts Derived from α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes: Structure–Function Relationships (pages 201–216)

      Michael P. Stone, Hai Huang, Young-Jin Cho, Hye-Young Kim, Ivan D. Kozekov, Albena Kozekova, Hao Wang, Irina G. Minko, R. Stephen Lloyd, Thomas M. Harris and Carmelo J. Rizzo

    3. Chapter 12

      Recognition and Removal of Bulky DNA Lesions by the Nucleotide Excision Repair System (pages 261–298)

      Yuqin Cai, Konstantin Kropachev, Marina Kolbanovskiy, Alexander Kolbanovskiy, Prof. Suse Broyde, Dinshaw J. Patel and Prof. Nicholas E. Geacintov

    4. Chapter 17

      DNA Damage and Transcription Elongation: Consequences and RNA Integrity (pages 399–437)

      Kristian Dreij, John A. Burns, Alexandra Dimitri, Lana Nirenstein, Taissia Noujnykh and David A. Scicchitano

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