Chemistry in Space

Chemistry in Space

Author(s): Prof. Dr. Dieter Rehder

Published Online: 2 AUG 2010

Print ISBN: 9783527326891

Online ISBN: 9783527631605

DOI: 10.1002/9783527631605

About this Book

The dynamic field of extraterrestrial chemistry brings together ideas of chemistr, astrophysics, and biology to the study of molecules between stars, around stars, and on plantes. This book serves as an introduction to chemial processes under ?unearthly? and hence usually extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, high or low density, bombardment by cosmic rays), and their impact on the early development of our solar system, as well as providing a deeper understanding of processes in earthly regions where conditions approach those of extraterrestrial areas.
A unique and extraordinary perspective written with chemists in mind. An excellent practical book for inorganic, and physical chemists, spectroscopists, astronomers, and libraries.

From the contents:

* Introduction and technical notes
* Origin and development of the universe
* Stars
* The interstellar medium
* The solar system
* Exoplanets
* The origin of life

Table of contents