Atom Chips

Atom Chips

Editor(s): Jakob Reichel, Vladan Vuletić

Published Online: 14 FEB 2011

Print ISBN: 9783527407552

Online ISBN: 9783527633357

DOI: 10.1002/9783527633357

About this Book

This stimulating discussion of a rapidly developing field is divided into two parts. The first features tutorials in textbook style providing self-contained introductions to the various areas relevant to atom chip research.
Part II contains research reviews that provide an integrated account of the current state in an active area of research where atom chips are employed, and explore possible routes of future progress. Depending on the subject, the length of the review and the relative weight of the 'review' and 'outlook' parts vary, since the authors include their own personal view and style in their accounts.

Table of contents

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  1. Part One: Fundamentals

    1. Chapter 3

      Atom Chip Fabrication (pages 61–117)

      Ron Folman, Philipp Treutlein and Jörg Schmiedmayer

  2. Part Two: Ultracold Atoms near a Surface

  3. Part Three: Coherence on Atom Chips

    1. Chapter 7

      Interferometry with Bose–Einstein Condensates on Atom Chips (pages 211–264)

      Thorsten Schumm, Stephanie Manz, Robert Bücker, David A. Smith and Jörg Schmiedmayer

    2. Chapter 8

      Microchip-Based Trapped-Atom Clocks (pages 265–282)

      Vladan Vuletić, Ian D. Leroux and Monika H. Schleier-Smith

  4. Part Four: New Directions

    1. Chapter 10

      Cryogenic Atom Chips (pages 309–330)

      Gilles Nogues, Adrian Lupaşcu, Andreas Emmert, Michel Brune, Jean-Michel Raimond and Serge Haroche

    2. Chapter 12

      Fermions on Atom Chips (pages 365–394)

      Marcius H. T. Extavour, Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Jason McKeever, Alma B. Bardon, Seth Aubin, Stefan Myrskog, Thorsten Schumm and Joseph H. Thywissen

    3. Chapter 13

      Micro-Fabricated Chip Traps for Ions (pages 395–420)

      J. M. Amini, J. Britton, D. Leibfried and D. J. Wineland

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