Molecular Switches, Second Edition

Molecular Switches, Second Edition

Editor(s): Ben L. Feringa, Wesley R. Browne

Published Online: 29 AUG 2011 08:11AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527313655

Online ISBN: 9783527634408

DOI: 10.1002/9783527634408

About this Book

The long-awaited second edition of the successful book covering molecular switches now in two volumes!

Providing principles and applications this book brings you everything you need to know about molecular switches - a hot topic in the nanoworld. The major classes of molecular switches including catenanes, rotaxanes, azobenzenes together with polymer and biomolecular switching systems and DNA based switches are covered. Chemists and material scientists interested in one of the most innovative areas of their science will benefit greatly from reading this book.

"This book will appeal most to organic chemists, because of the way new structures are introduced through their synthesis, but it will also provide a useful introduction for other scientists, provided they are conversant with molecular structures." (Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry)

"... a comprehensive and up-to-date insight ..." (Chemistry & Industry)

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Molecular Switching

    1. Chapter 1

      Multifunctional Diarylethenes (pages 1–35)

      C. Chad Warford, Vincent Lemieux and Neil R. Branda

    2. Chapter 3

      Fulgides and Related Compounds (pages 81–95)

      Yasushi Yokoyama, Tsuyoshi Gushiken and Takashi Ubukata

  2. Part II: Switching in Containers, Polymers and Channels

    1. Chapter 10

      Photoswitchable Polypeptides (pages 321–360)

      Francesco Ciardelli, Simona Bronco, Osvaldo Pieroni and Andrea Pucci

    2. Chapter 12

      Optically Induced Processes in Azopolymers (pages 399–422)

      Cleber R. Mendonça, Débora T. Balogh, Leonardo De Boni, David S. dos Santos, Valtencir Zucolotto and Osvaldo N. Oliveira

    3. Chapter 14

      Responsive Molecular Gels (pages 517–561)

      Jaap de Jong, Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa and Jan van Esch

  3. Part III: Molecular Switching in Logic Systems and Electronics

    1. Chapter 16

      Reading and Powering Molecular Machines by Light (pages 595–627)

      Vincenzo Balzani, Monica Semeraro, Margherita Venturi and Alberto Credi

    2. Chapter 18

      Molecular Logic Systems (pages 669–696)

      A. Prasanna de Silva, Thomas P. Vance, Boontana Wannalerse and Matthew E. S. West

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