Laser Welding of Plastics: Materials, Processes and Industrial Applications

Laser Welding of Plastics: Materials, Processes and Industrial Applications

Author(s): Dr.-Ing. Rolf Klein

Published Online: 17 OCT 2011 09:31AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527409723

Online ISBN: 9783527636969

DOI: 10.1002/9783527636969

About this Book

This is the first detailed description in English of radiation and polymeric material interaction and the influences of thermal and optical material properties. As such, it provides comprehensive information on material and process characteristics as well as applications regarding plastic laser welding.
The first part of this practical book introduces the structure and physical properties of plastics, before discussing the interaction of material and radiation in the NIR and IR spectral range. This is followed by an overview of the physical foundations of laser radiation and laser sources used for plastic welding. The third part describes the main processes of laser welding thermoplastics, as well as possibilities of process control, design of joint geometry, material compatibilities and adaptation of absorption of plastics to NIR radiation. Finally, the author explains applications of laser welding plastics using several industrial case studies from the automotive industry, household goods, and medical devices.
Tailored to the needs of everyone dealing with laser welding of plastics, especially engineers in packaging, component manufacturing, and the medical industry.

Table of contents