Genome Organization and Function in the Cell Nucleus

Genome Organization and Function in the Cell Nucleus

Editor(s): Karsten Rippe

Published Online: 14 NOV 2011 07:27AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527326983

Online ISBN: 9783527639991

DOI: 10.1002/9783527639991

About this Book

By way of its clear and logical structure, as well as abundant highresolution illustrations, this is a systematic survey of the players and pathways that control genome function in the mammalian cell nucleus. As such, this handbook and reference ties together recently gained
knowledge from a variety of scientific disciplines and approaches, dissecting all major genomic events: transcription, replication, repair,
recombination and chromosome segregation. A special emphasis is put on transcriptional control, including genome-wide interactions and
non-coding RNAs, chromatin structure, epigenetics and nuclear organization.

With its focus on fundamental mechanisms and the associated biomolecules, this will remain essential reading for years to come.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      DNA Methylation (pages 21–54)

      Carina Frauer, Fabio Spada and Heinrich Leonhardt

    3. Chapter 12

      The Nucleolus (pages 279–307)

      Saskia Hutten, Belinda J. Westman, François-Michel Boisvert, Silvana van Koningsbruggen and Angus I. Lamond

    4. Chapter 19

      Meiotic Chromosome Dynamics (pages 487–533)

      Nancy Kleckner, Liangran Zhang, Beth Weiner and Denise Zickler

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