Nanomaterials: Processing and Characterization with Lasers

Nanomaterials: Processing and Characterization with Lasers

Editor(s): Subhash Chandra Singh, Haibo Zeng, Chunlei Guo, Weiping Cai

Published Online: 23 AUG 2012 06:11AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527327157

Online ISBN: 9783527646821

DOI: 10.1002/9783527646821

About this Book

The first in-depth treatment of the synthesis, processing, and characterization of nanomaterials using lasers, ranging from fundamentals to
the latest research results, this handy reference is divided into two main sections. After introducing the concepts of lasers, nanomaterials, nanoarchitectures and laser-material interactions in the first three chapters, the book goes on to discuss the synthesis of various nanomaterials in vacuum, gas and liquids. The second half discusses various nanomaterial characterization techniques involving lasers, from Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies to light dynamic scattering, laser spectroscopy and such unusual techniques as laser photo acoustic, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, ultrafast dynamics and laser-induced thermal pulses.

The specialist authors adopt a practical approach throughout, with an emphasis on experiments, set-up, and results. Each chapter begins
with an introduction and is uniform in covering the basic approaches, experimental setups, and dependencies of the particular method on
different parameters, providing sufficient theory and modeling to understand the principles behind the techniques.

Table of contents

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    1. Chapter 1

      Lasers: Fundamentals, Types, and Operations (pages 1–34)

      Dr. Subhash Chandra Singh, Prof. Haibo Zeng, Prof. Chunlei Guo and Prof. Weiping Cai

    1. Chapter 2

      Introduction of Materials and Architectures at the Nanoscale (pages 35–66)

      Dr. Subhash Chandra Singh, Prof. Haibo Zeng, Prof. Chunlei Guo, Ram Gopal and Prof. Weiping Cai

  1. Part I: Nanomaterials: Laser Based Processing Techniques

    1. Chapter 3

      Laser–Matter Interaction (pages 67–104)

      Alan M. Heins, Prof. Chunlei Guo and Dr. Subhash Chandra Singh

    2. Chapter 4

      Nanomaterials: Laser-Based Processing in Gas Phase (pages 105–201)

      Rashid Ashirovich Ganeev, Rusen Yang, Jung-Il Hong, Bingqiang Cao, Ruiqian Guo, Tatsuo Okada and M. Samy El-Shall

    3. Chapter 5

      Nanomaterials: Laser-Induced Nano/Microfabrications (pages 203–316)

      Anatoliy Vorobyev, Prof. Chunlei Guo, Hironobu Sakata, Moriaki Wakaki, Qing Wang, Vahit Sametoglu, Ying Yin Tsui, Matthias Nagel and Thomas Lippert

    4. Chapter 6

      Nanomaterials: Laser-Based Processing in Liquid Media (pages 317–494)

      Dr. Subhash Chandra Singh, Prof. Haibo Zeng, Shikuan Yang, Prof. Weiping Cai, Minghui Hong, Guoxin Chen and Tow Chong Chong

  2. Part II: Nanomaterials: Laser-Based Characterization Techniques

    1. Chapter 9

      Photolumniscence/Fluorescence Spectroscopic Technique for Nanomaterials Characterizations (pages 555–620)

      Bingqiang Cao, Haibo Gong, Prof. Haibo Zeng, Prof. Weiping Cai, Kaushal Kumar, Luigi Sanguigno, Filippo Causa, Paolo Antonio Netti and Yashashchandra Dwivedi

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