System-Level Modeling of MEMS

System-Level Modeling of MEMS

Editor(s): Tamara Bechtold, Gabriele Schrag, Lihong Feng

Published Online: 6 FEB 2013

Print ISBN: 9783527319039

Online ISBN: 9783527647132

DOI: 10.1002/9783527647132

About this Book

System-level modeling of MEMS - microelectromechanical systems - comprises integrated approaches to simulate, understand, and optimize the performance of sensors, actuators, and microsystems, taking into account the intricacies of the interplay between mechanical and electrical properties, circuitry, packaging, and design considerations. Thereby, system-level modeling overcomes the limitations inherent to methods that focus only on one of these aspects and do not incorporate their mutual dependencies.

The book addresses the two most important approaches of system-level modeling, namely physics-based modeling with lumped elements and mathematical modeling employing model order reduction methods, with an emphasis on combining single device models to entire systems. At a clearly understandable and sufficiently detailed level the readers are made familiar with the physical and mathematical underpinnings of MEMS modeling. This enables them to choose the adequate methods for the respective application needs.

This work is an invaluable resource for all materials scientists, electrical engineers, scientists working in the semiconductor and/or sensor
industry, physicists, and physical chemists.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Physical and Mathematical Fundamentals

    1. Chapter 4

      Algorithmic Approaches for System-Level Simulation of MEMS and Aspects of Cosimulation (pages 95–121)

      Peter Schneider, Christoph Clauß, Ulrich Donath, Günter Elst, Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt and Thomas Uhle

  2. Part II: Lumped Element Modeling Method for MEMS Devices

  3. Part III: Mathematical Model Order Reduction for MEMS Devices

    1. Chapter 10

      Projection-Based Nonlinear Model Order Reduction (pages 237–262)

      Amit Hochman, Dmitry M. Vasilyev, Michał J. Rewieński and Jacob K. White

  4. Part IV: Modeling of Entire Microsystems

    1. Chapter 13

      Towards System-Level Simulation of Energy Harvesting Modules (pages 311–333)

      Dennis Hohlfeld, Dr. Tamara Bechtold, Evgenii B. Rudnyi, Bert Op het Veld and Rob van Schaijk

    2. Chapter 15

      SystemC AMS and Cosimulation Aspects (pages 357–375)

      François Pêcheux, Marie-Minerve Louërat and Karsten Einwich

  5. Part V: Software Implementations

    1. Chapter 22

      A Web-Based Community for Modeling and Design of MEMS (pages 501–517)

      Peter J. Gilgunn, Jason V. Clark, Narayan Aluru, Tamal Mukherjee and Gary K. Fedder

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