Isotopic Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications Using ICP-MS

Isotopic Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications Using ICP-MS

Editor(s): Frank Vanhaecke, Patrick Degryse

Print ISBN: 9783527328963

Online ISBN: 9783527650484

DOI: 10.1002/9783527650484

Author Biography

About the Author

Frank Vanhaecke (?1966) is Professor in Analytical Chemistry at Ghent University (Belgium), where he leads the 'Atomic & Mass Spectrometry & A&MS' research unit that focuses on the determination, speciation and isotopic analysis of (trace) elements via ICP-mass spectrometry (ICPMS).One of the specific topics studied, is isotope ratio determination using single- and multi-collector ICP-MS in the context of elemental assay via isotope dilution, tracer experiments with stable isotopes and the use of small natural variations in the isotopic composition of metals and metalloids for provenance determination and for obtaining better insight into biological, environmental and geological problems. Frank is (co-)author of some 200 scientific papers in international journals, 15 book chapters and more than 350 conference presentations and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry RSC. In 2011, he received a 'European Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry' for his contributions to the field.

Patrick Degryse (?1974) is Professor of Archaeometry at the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and director of the Centre for Archaeological Sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). His main research efforts focus on the use of mineral raw materials in ancient ceramic, glass, metal and building stone production, using petrographical, mineralogical and isotope geochemical techniques. He teaches geology, geochemistry, archaeometry and natural sciences in archaeology, and outside the lab is active in several field projects in the eastern Mediterranean. Patrick is author of over 100 scientific papers in international journals, conference proceedings and books and is an A. von Humboldt Fellow and European Research Council Grantee.