Polymer Composites: Volume 2

Polymer Composites: Volume 2

Editor(s): Sabu Thomas, Kuruvilla Joseph, Sant Kumar Malhotra, Koichi Goda, Meyyarappallil Sadasivan Sreekala

Published Online: 10 JUN 2013 03:23AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527329793

Online ISBN: 9783527652372

DOI: 10.1002/9783527652372

About this Book

Polymer composites are materials in which the matrix polymer is reinforced with organic/inorganic fillers of a definite size and shape, leading to enhanced performance of the resultant composite. These materials find a wide number of applications in such diverse fields as geotextiles, building, electronics, medical, packaging, and automobiles.

This first systematic reference on the topic emphasizes the characteristics and dimension of this reinforcement.

The authors are leading researchers in the field from academia, government, industry, as well as private research institutions across the globe, and adopt a practical approach here, covering such aspects as the preparation, characterization, properties and theory of polymer composites.

The book begins by discussing the state of the art, new challenges, and opportunities of various polymer composite systems. Interfacial characterization of the composites is discussed in detail, as is the macro- and micromechanics of the composites. Structure-property relationships in various composite systems are explained with the help of theoretical models, while processing techniques for various macro- to nanocomposite systems and the influence of processing parameters on the properties of the composite are reviewed in detail. The characterization of microstructure, elastic, viscoelastic, static and dynamic mechanical, thermal, tribological, rheological, optical, electrical and barrier properties are highlighted, as well as their myriad applications.

Divided into three volumes: Vol. 1. Macro- and Microcomposites; Vol. 2. Nanocomposites; and Vol. 3. Biocomposites.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      State of the Art – Nanomechanics (pages 1–12)

      Amrita Saritha, Dr. Sant Kumar Malhotra, Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas, Prof. Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph, Prof. Koichi Goda and Dr. Meyyarappallil Sadasivan Sreekala

    3. Chapter 9

      Polymer Nanocomposites Characterized by Thermal Analysis Techniques (pages 201–217)

      Carola Esposito Corcione, Antonio Greco, Mariaenrica Frigione and Alfonso Maffezzoli

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