Metabolomics in Practice: Successful Strategies to Generate and Analyze Metabolic Data

Metabolomics in Practice: Successful Strategies to Generate and Analyze Metabolic Data

Editor(s): Michael Lämmerhofer, Wolfram Weckwerth

Published Online: 6 FEB 2013 10:39AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527330898

Online ISBN: 9783527655861

DOI: 10.1002/9783527655861

About this Book

Unlike other handbooks in this emerging field, this guide focuses on the challenges and critical parameters in running a metabolomics study, including such often-neglected issues as sample preparation, choice of separation and detection method, recording and evaluating data as well as method validation. By systematically covering the entire workflow, from sample preparation to data processing, the insight and advice offered here helps to clear the hurdles in setting up and running a successful analysis, resulting in high-quality data from every experiment.
Based on more than a decade of practical experience in developing, optimizing and validating metabolomics approaches as a routine technology in the academic and industrial research laboratory, the lessons taught here are highly relevant for all systems-level approaches, whether in systems biology, biotechnology, toxicology or pharmaceutical sciences.

From the Contents:

* Sampling and Sample Preparation in Microbial Metabolomics
* Tandem Mass Spectrometry Hyphenated with HPLC and UHPLC for Targeted Metabolomics
* GC-MS, LC-MS, CE-MS and Ultrahigh Resolution MS (FTICR-MS) in Metabolomics
* NMR-based metabolomics analysis
* Potential of Microfluidics and Single Cell Analysis in Metabolomics
* Data Processing in Metabolomics
* Validation and Measurement Uncertainty in Metabolomic Studies
* Metabolomics and its Role in the Study of Mammalian Systems and in Plant Sciences
* Metabolomics in Biotechnology and Nutritional Metabolomics

and more.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 3

      Uncertainty of Measurement in Quantitative Metabolomics (pages 39–68)

      Raffaele Guerrasio, Christina Haberhauer-Troyer, Stefan Neubauer, Kristaps Klavins, Madeleine Werneth, Gunda Koellensperger and Stephen Hann

    3. Chapter 6

      The Potential of Ultrahigh Resolution MS (FTICR-MS) in Metabolomics (pages 117–136)

      Franco Moritz, Sara Forcisi, Mourad Harir, Basem Kanawati, Marianna Lucio, Dimitrios Tziotis and Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin

    4. Chapter 9

      NMR-Based Metabolomics Analysis (pages 209–238)

      Andrea Lubbe, Kashif Ali, Robert Verpoorte and Young Hae Choi

    5. Chapter 11

      Data Processing in Metabolomics (pages 261–284)

      Age K. Smilde, Margriet M. W. B. Hendriks, Johan A. Westerhuis and Huub C. J. Hoefsloot

    6. Chapter 13

      Metabolomics: Application in Plant Sciences (pages 313–343)

      Gaétan Glauser, Julien Boccard, Jean-Luc Wolfender and Serge Rudaz

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