Tautomerism: Methods and Theories

Tautomerism: Methods and Theories

Editor(s): Liudmil Antonov

Published Online: 25 OCT 2013 08:41PM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527332946

Online ISBN: 9783527658824

DOI: 10.1002/9783527658824

About this Book

Covering the gap between basic textbooks and over-specialized scientific publications, this is the first reference available to describe this interdisciplinary topic for PhD students and scientists starting in the field.

The result is an introductory description providing suitable practical examples of the basic methods used to study tautomeric processes, as well as the theories describing the tautomerism and proton transfer phenomena. It also includes different spectroscopic methods for examining tautomerism, such as UV-VIs, time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, and NMR spectroscopy, plus the theoretical and practical background information.

With its excellent overview of the methods, theories and examples, this is the perfect guide for any scientist dealing with tautomeric compounds in a wider context.

Table of contents

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