Modern Biopharmaceuticals: Recent Success Stories

Modern Biopharmaceuticals: Recent Success Stories

Editor(s): Jörg Knäblein

Published Online: 23 APR 2013 02:47AM EST

Print ISBN: 9783527322831

Online ISBN: 9783527669417

DOI: 10.1002/9783527669417

About this Book

This collection of high-profile contributions provides a unique insight into the development of novel, successful biopharmaceuticals.

Outstanding authors, including Nobel laureate Robert Huber as well as prominent company researchers and CEOs, present valuable insider knowledge, limiting their scope to those procedures and developments with proven potential for the biotechnology industry. They cover all relevant aspects, from the establishment of biotechnology parks, the development of successful compounds and the implementation of efficient manufacturing processes, right up to the establishment of advanced delivery routes.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Modern Biopharmaceuticals: Research is the Best Medicine – Sanitas Summum Bonus

  2. Part II: Modern Biopharmaceutical Development Using Stem Cells, Tissues, and Whole Animals

  3. Part III: Innovative Development Tools for Modern Biopharmaceuticals

    1. Chapter 6

      Massive Mutagenesis®: The Path to Smarter Genetic Libraries (pages 115–134)

      Julien Sylvestre, Stéphane Blesa, Ingrid Marchal, Philippe Thullier, Olivier Dubreuil and Marc Delcourt

  4. Part IV: The Rise of Monoclonal Antibodies – The Premium Class of Biopharmaceuticals

  5. Part V: Smart Solutions for Global Challanges – Vaccine-Based Biopharmaceuticals

  6. Part VI: Modern Biopharmaceuticals – The Holy Grail for Health and Wealth

  7. Part VII: From Innovative Tools to Improved Therapies – The Success of Second-Generation Biopharmaceuticals

  8. Part VIII: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Downstream Processing – How to Uncork Bottlenecks

    1. Chapter 24

      Reliable, Large-Scale Cleavage of Tags from Affinity-Purified Biopharmaceuticals (pages 539–557)

      Conni Lauritzen, Gitte E. Nygaard, John Pedersen, José Arnau, Ulla Römer and Frank Schäfer

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