Mineral Resources Potential of Antarctica

Mineral Resources Potential of Antarctica

Editor(s): John F. Splettstoesser, Gisela A.M. Dreschhoff

Published Online: 16 MAR 2013 05:34PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780875901749

Online ISBN: 9781118664926

DOI: 10.1029/AR051

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 51.

Interest in the potential mineral resources of Antarctica has been expressed throughout the history of exploration of the continent. This volume of the Antarctic Research Series results from an attempt to assemble a summary of current factual knowledge and scientific data related to issues of mineral resources in Antarctica. At the First International Symposium on Antarctic Geology, held in Cape Town in 1963, no papers were presented on economic minerals in Antarctica, although in one paper, by Mueller (in Antarctic Geology, edited by R.J. Adie, pp. 393-394, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1964), the author mentioned mineralized locations in the Antarctic Peninsula, and in another paper, by Stewart (published in the same book, pp. 395-401), a list of 222 minerals known from the Antarctic was tabulated mainly as an inventory of all minerals that had been reported at that time.

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