Geodynamics of the Western Pacific-Indonesian Region

Geodynamics of the Western Pacific-Indonesian Region

Editor(s): Thomas W.C. Hilde, Seiya Uyeda

Published Online: 14 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875905006

Online ISBN: 9781118670361

DOI: 10.1029/GD011

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 11.

The contributions to this volume have been organized into two categories: General Studies, which deal with the dynamic processes, and the systematic geological and geophysical relationships of importance to the region as a whole; and Regional Studies, which focus on specific areas and features of the Western Pacific. The composition of the volume reflects the research efforts undertaken in the Western Pacific within the framework of the Geodynamics Project, by the countries of the region and by other countries concerned with the geodynamics of the Western Pacific. The new understanding of the dynamics and development of the trench-arc-backarc systems, and the dynamic relationship of the Western Pacific basin lithosphere and ancient continental margins with trench-arc-backarc development, brought about through the Geodynamics Project, is a major advancement in the geosciences. Much of these new findings is contained in this volume. The editors wish to thank all of the authors for their outstanding contributions, and for their patience with the editing process and assembly of the publication.

Table of contents

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    2. The Tectonics of the Kuril-Kamchatka Deep-Sea Trench (pages 249–285)

      Helios Gnibidenko, Tanya G. Bykova, Oleg V. Veselov, Vladimir M. Vorobiev and Alexander S. Svarichevsky