Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust

Reflection Seismology: The Continental Crust

Editor(s): Muawia Barazangi, Larry Brown

Published Online: 15 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875905143

Online ISBN: 9781118670118

DOI: 10.1029/GD014

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 14.

That deep seismic reflection profiling has become a "necessary tool" to explore the deep basement of the continental crust is now well established. The question is: Will deep reflection profiling become a "standard tool" that is routinely used on all continents, as is surface geological mapping? This question can be answered in the affirmative. A clear indication of this trend are the results of the "International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continental Crust: Results from Reflection Seismology", which was held June 26-28, 1984 on the Cornell University campus and which forms the basis for these two Geodynamics Series volumes. This was the first such international meeting, and plans are already under way to hold such a meeting every two years in a different country.

Table of contents

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    2. The Quebec-Western Maine Seismic Reflection Profile: Setting and First Year Results (pages 189–199)

      D. B. Stewart, J. D. Unger, J. D. Phillips, R. Goldsmith, W. H. Poole, C. P. Spencer, A. G. Green, M. C. Loiselle and P. St-Julien

    3. Geometries of Deep Crustal Faults: Evidence from the COCORP Mojave Survey (pages 305–312)

      M. J. Cheadle, B. L. Czuchra, C. J. Ando, T. Byrne, L. D. Brown, J. E. Oliver and S. Kaufman