The Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: A Review of Experiment and Theory

The Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: A Review of Experiment and Theory

Editor(s): R. M. Johnson, T. L. Killeen

Published Online: 20 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875900445

Online ISBN: 9781118664247

DOI: 10.1029/GM087

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 87.

This volume provides a review of progress made in recent years in experimental and theoretical investigation of the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere and coupling between these regions and the ionosphere. Detailed study of the mesosphere/lower thermosphere/ionosphere (MLTI) region has historically been difficult because of its relative inaccessibility to direct measurement techniques and the complex and highly coupled processes which occur there. Although we have still not successfully unraveled all these complex interactions, we have made significant recent progress toward a fuller understanding of the basic state of the MLTI and of the dominant wave and coupling processes. This monograph includes a set of tutorial papers, which review our current understanding of aspects of the MLTI. These tutorials are interspersed with a selection of papers describing research progress on various topics of current interest in this region. The book should therefore be useful both to the newcomer, as an introduction to this field of research, and to the more experienced researcher, providing an overview of research in progress as well as a convenient reference collection of papers describing our current understanding.

Table of contents

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    2. SHARC, a Model for Calculating Atmospheric Infrared Radiation Under Non-Equilibrium Conditions (pages 287–295)

      R. L. Sundberg, J. W. Duff, J. H. Gruninger, L. S. Bernstein, M. W. Matthew, S. M. Adler-Golden, D. C. Robertson, R. D. Sharma, J. H. Brown and R. J. Healey

    3. WINDII on UARS — Status Report and Preliminary Results (pages 297–304)

      G. G. Shepherd, G. Thuillier, B. H. Solheim, Y. J. Rochon, J. Criswick, W. A. Gault, R. N. Peterson, R. H. Wiens and S.-P. Zhang

    4. Preliminary Results from the Imaging Spectrometric Observatory Flown on ATLAS 1 (pages 305–322)

      D. G. Torr, M. R. Torr, M. F. Morgan, T. Chang, J. K. Owens, J. A. Fennelly, P. G. Richards and T. W. Baldridge