Radiation Belts: Models and Standards

Radiation Belts: Models and Standards

Editor(s): J.F. Lemaire, D. Heynderickx, D.N. Baker

Published Online: 20 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875900797

Online ISBN: 9781118664261

DOI: 10.1029/GM097

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 97.

The exciting new results of CRRES and SAMPEX show that there are additional physical sources of energetic electrons and ions trapped in the Van Allen belts, some of which were completely unexpected.
The NASA and Russian empirical models of the radiation belts need to be updated and extended. To outline different ways to achieve this task and to identify the less well known aspects of physical and empirical models of the radiation belts were the objectives of a workshop held in Brussels, October 17-20, 1995, entitled "Radiation Belts: Models and Standards." It was attended by over 60 delegates from all major laboratories involved in developing new physical as well as empirical models of the energy and spatial distributions of energetic electrons and ions trapped in the geomagnetic field.

Table of contents

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    2. MHD/Particle Simulations of Radiation Belt Formation During a Storm Sudden Commencement (pages 57–62)

      M. K. Hudson, S. R. Elkington, J. G. Lyon, V. A. Marchenko, I. Roth, M. Temerin and M. S. Gussenhoven

    3. Electrons With Energy Exceeding 10 MeV in the Earth's Radiation Belt (pages 129–133)

      A. M. Galper, V. V. Dmitrenko, V. M. Gratchev, Yu. V. Efremova, V. G. Kirillov-Ugryumov, S. V. Koldashov, L. V. Maslennikov, V. V. Mikhailov, Yu. V. Ozerov, A. V. Popov, N. I. Shvets, S. E. Ulin and S. A. Voronov

    4. First Results and Perspectives of Monitoring Radiation Belts (pages 211–216)

      M. I. Panasyuk, E. N. Sosnovets, O. S. Grafodatsky, V. I. Verkhoturov and Sh. N. Islyaev

    5. UARS PEM Contribution to Radiation Belt Modelling (pages 223–228)

      J. R. Sharber, J. D. Winningham, R. Link, R. A. Frahm, D. L. Chenette and E. E. Gaines

    6. Los Alamos Geosynchronous Space Weather Data for Radiation Belt Modeling (pages 237–240)

      G. D. Reeves, R. D. Belian, T. C. Cayton, M. G. Henderson, R. A. Christensen, P. S. McLachlan and J. C. Ingraham

    7. Some Characteristics of Hot Magnetospheric Plasma at Geostationary Orbit (pages 269–273)

      T. A. Ivanova, Yu. V. Kutuzov, B. V. Marjin, N. N. Pavlov, I. A. Rubinshtein, E. N. Sosnovets, M. B. Teltsov, L. V. Tverskaya and N. A. Vlasova

    8. The Trapped Radiation Software Package UNIRAD (pages 305–309)

      D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski, J. Lemaire, E. J. Daly and H. D. R. Evans