Inner Magnetosphere Interactions: New Perspectives from Imaging

Inner Magnetosphere Interactions: New Perspectives from Imaging

Editor(s): James Burch, Micheal Schulz, Harlan Spence

Published Online: 18 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875904245

Online ISBN: 9781118666128

DOI: 10.1029/GM159

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 159.

We regard the inner magnetosphere as the region surrounded by a geomagnetic shell with an equatorial radius of approximately eight Earth radii. Of much concern to scientists and researchers, and the focus of this monograph, are the interactions that occur in this region of geospace. We include here hot-cold plasma interactions, plasmasphere dynamics, direct effects of the interplanetary magnetic field on the inner magnetosphere, ring-current/ionosphere interactions, ring-current effects on global electric fields, and ring-current/radiation-belt interactions. With new satellite measurements, especially those from IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration), and associated observations from ground-based facilities, our understanding of the interactions that take place in the inner magnetosphere has developed rapidly.

Table of contents

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    2. Multipoint Observations of Ionic Structures in the Plasmasphere by CLUSTER—CIS and Comparisons with IMAGE-EUV Observations and with Model Simulations (pages 23–53)

      Iannis Dandouras, Viviane Pierrard, Jerry Goldstein, Claire Vallat, George K. Parks, Henri Rème, Cécile Gouillart, Fréderic Sevestre, Michael Mccarthy, Lynn M. Kistler, Berndt Klecker, Axel Korth, Maria Bice Bavassano-Cattaneo, Philippe Escoubet and Arnaud Masson

    3. ULF Waves Associated with Enhanced Subauroral Proton Precipitation (pages 71–84)

      Thomas J. Immel, S. B. Mende, H. U. Frey, J. Patel, J. W. Bonnell, M. J. Engebretson and S. A. Fuselier

    4. The Influence of Wave-Particle Interactions on Relativistic Electron Dynamics During Storms (pages 101–112)

      Richard M. Thorne, Richard B. Horne, Sarah Glauert, Nigel P. Meredith, Yuri Y. Shprits, Danny Summers and Roger R. Anderson

    5. Direct Effects of the IMF on the Inner Magnetosphere (pages 127–139)

      R. A. Wolf, S. Sazykin, X. Xing, R. W. Spiro, F. R. Toffoletto, D. L. De Zeeuw, T. I. Gombosi and J. Goldstein

    6. Solar and Ionospheric Plasmas in the Ring Current Region (pages 179–194)

      T. E. Moore, M-C. Fok, S. P. Christon, S.-H. Chen, M. O. Chandler, D. C. Delcourt, J. Fedder, S. Slinker and M. Liemohn

    7. Toward Understanding Radiation Belt Dynamics, Nuclear Explosion-Produced Artificial Belts, and Active Radiation Belt Remediation: Producing a Radiation Belt Data Assimilation Model (pages 221–235)

      Geoffrey D. Reeves, Reiner H. W. Friedel, Sebastien Bourdarie, Michelle F. Thomsen, Sorin Zaharia, Michael G. Henderson, Yue Chen, Vania K. Jordanova, Brian J. Albright and Dan Winske

    8. Simulated Stormtime Ring-Current Magnetic Field Produced by Ions and Electrons (pages 237–250)

      Margaret W. Chen, Michael Schulz, Shuxiang Liu, Gang Lu, Larry R. Lyons, Mostafa El-Alaoui and Michelle Thomsen

    9. Hemispheric Daytime Ionospheric Response to Intense Solar Wind Forcing (pages 261–275)

      A. J. Mannucci, Bruce T. Tsurutani, Byron Iijima, Attila Komjathy, Brian Wilson, Xiaoqing Pi, Lawrence Sparks, George Hajj, Lukas Mandrake, Walter D. Gonzalez, Janet Kozyra, K. Yumoto, M. Swisdak, J. D. Huba and R. Skoug

    10. Redistribution of the Stormtime Ionosphere and the Formation of a Plasmaspheric Bulge (pages 277–289)

      John C. Foster, Anthea J. Coster, Philip J. Erickson, William Rideout, Frederick J. Rich, Thomas J. Immel and Bill R. Sandel