Mathematical Modelling of Estuarine Physics

Mathematical Modelling of Estuarine Physics

Editor(s): J. Sündermann, K.-P. Holz

Published Online: 19 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9783540097501

Online ISBN: 9781118669075

DOI: 10.1029/LN001

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies Series, Volume 1.

Numerical simulations are in world wide use for the investigation of hydro- and thermodynamic processes in natural waters. In spite of the fact that great achievements have been brought about in this field, numerous questions still remain unanswered, with respect to fundamental formulations as well as to methods of solution. One of the principal objectives of research in our days is the verification of numerical models. The Symposium on "Mathematical Modelling in Estuarine Physics" was held at Hamburg, Aug. 24 - 26, 1978, with the objective of formulating the present standing of research work and of the most important problems in this field. Aspects of physical oceanography and of coastal engineering were to be considered. Estuarine physics were a suitable topic as both disciplines have many points in common there.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Basic Formulations and Algorithms

  2. Part 2: Tides and Storm Surges

  3. Part 3: Baroclinic Motions and Transport Processes