Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust

Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust

Editor(s): Manik Talwani, Christopher G. Harrison, Dennis E. Hayes

Published Online: 16 MAR 2013

Print ISBN: 9780875904016

Online ISBN: 9781118666234

DOI: 10.1029/ME002

About this Book

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Maurice Ewing Series, Volume 2.

The second Maurice Ewing Symposium was devoted to the implications of deep drilling results in the Atlantic Ocean. This subject was chosen for two reasons. First, Maurice Ewing was one of the leaders of JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions For Deep Earth Sampling), the association of oceanographic institutions that was formed to organize and sponsor drilling in the deep ocean, and which has continued to provide scientific advice to the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Second, the first phase of International Program of Ocean Drilling in the Atlantic was finished and it seemed a good time to assess the implications of drilling results in the Atlantic that had been obtained over almost a decade.

Table of contents

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    2. The Iceland Crust: Evidence from Drillhole Data on Structure and Processes (pages 43–65)

      Gudmundur Pálmason, Stefán Arnórsson, Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson, Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir, Kristján Saemundsson, Valgardur Stefánsson, Benedikt Steingrímsson, Jens Tómasson and Leó Kristjánsson

    3. Geological and Geophysical Investigation of the Midcayman Rise Spreading Center: Initial Results and Observations (pages 66–93)

      Robert Ballard, Wilfred Bryan, Henry Dick, K.O. Emery, Geoffrey Thompson, Elazar Uchupi, Karleen E. Davis, Jelle De Boer, Stephen E. Delong, Paul J. Fox, Frieda L. Malcolm, Randall Spydell, Janet Stroup, William G. Melson and Raymond Wright