COMPOUND RECORD : N-Benzyl Aniline

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Molecular Weight183.249
SynonymsNot available

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Other articles that contain this structure:

  1. Preparation of 3-Alkylated Oxindoles from N-Benzyl Aniline via a Cu(II)-Mediated Anilide Cyclization Process

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    David S Pugh and Richard J. K Taylor

    Published Online : 24 FEB 2014, DOI: 10.1002/0471264229.os089.42

  2. N,N′-Bis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]thiourea

    Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

    Edward I. Balmond , M. Carmen Galan and Eoghan M. McGarrigle

    Published Online : 27 MAY 2014, DOI: 10.1002/047084289X.rn01642

  3. Reactions of O-methyl o-quinone monoximes with methyl-, methylene- and methine- substituted aromatic compounds. Synthesis of benzo[d]oxazole and 1,4-benzoxazine derivatives

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    Volume 34, Issue 6, November 1997, Pages: 1651–1656, Demetrios N. Nicolaides, R. Wajih Awad, Georgios K. Papageorgiou, Efthalia Kojanni and Constantinos A. Tsoleridis

    Version of Record online : 6 APR 2009, DOI: 10.1002/jhet.5570340602

  4. Bis(dimethylamino) Phosphorochloridate

    Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

    Isabel Mathieu-Pelta and Slayton A. Evans Jr.

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  5. Benzylaniline

    Organic Syntheses

    F. G. Willson and T. S. Wheeler

    Published Online : 28 APR 2003, DOI: 10.1002/0471264180.os008.11

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