Eating disorders in British Asians




There has been a clinical impression that British Asians present with eating disorders less commonly than expected. The study examines the numbers and characteristics of Asians presenting to the Leicestershire Eating Disorders Service with a catchment area which includes a substantial proportion of people with a background in the Indian subcontinent. Method: Case note review and comparison of rates of presentation of people with and without such a background. Results: Twenty-one eating-disordered Asians were seen in 10 years. Their clinical characteristics resembled the rest of the referrals. However, the rate of presentation of people from the Asian population was about one fourth of that of the white population. Discussion: Asian women with eating disorders were referred less often. This might be because of a lower prevalence in this population. However, it seems likely there are variable and sometimes high threshold filters to secondary care for such women. © 1998 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Int J Eat Disord 24:101–105, 1998.