• peppermint oil;
  • caraway oil;
  • manometry;
  • gastroduodenal motility


The effect of enteric-coated (Enteroplant®) and non-enteric-coated preparations containing a peppermint–caraway oil combination with 90 mg peppermint oil and 50 mg caraway oil was studied on gastroduodenal motility with stationary manometry in six healthy volunteers. The results showed that: (1) both enteric-coated and non-enteric-coated preparations have effects on the migrating motor complex (MMC); (2) mainly a decrease in the number of contractions and contraction amplitudes is seen during the various phases of the MMC; (3) non-enteric-coated preparations have their effects mainly during the first MMC after administration; (4) enteric-coated preparations have their effects temporally delayed during the second MMC after administration. In conclusion, enteric-coated and non-enteric-coated peppermint–caraway oil combinations are safe preparations, acting locally to cause smooth muscle relaxation. Copyright © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.