Chapter 14. Synthesis of the Transactinides and their Chemistry

  1. Simon Cotton

Published Online: 20 JUN 2006

DOI: 10.1002/0470010088.ch14

Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry

Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry

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Cotton, S. (2006) Synthesis of the Transactinides and their Chemistry, in Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK. doi: 10.1002/0470010088.ch14

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  1. Uppingham School, Uppingham, Rutland, UK

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  1. Published Online: 20 JUN 2006
  2. Published Print: 13 JAN 2006

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  1. Inorganic Chemistry

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Print ISBN: 9780470010051

Online ISBN: 9780470010082



  • transactinide synthesis;
  • transactinide naming;
  • ‘cold fusion’ approach;
  • predicting electronic arrangements;
  • element identification;
  • transactinide chemistry;
  • higher neutron-flux reactors;
  • neutron-rich isotopes and longer half-lives


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • Finding New Elements

  • Synthesis of the Transactinides

  • Naming the Transactinides

  • Predicting Electronic Arrangements

  • Identifying the Elements

  • Predicting Chemistry of the Transactinides

  • What is known about the Chemistry of the Transactinides

  • And the Future?