Chapter 9. Photoelectron Spectra of Silicon Compounds

  1. Saul Patai Professor and
  2. Zvi Rappoport
  1. H. Bock and
  2. B. Solouki

Published Online: 10 AUG 2004

DOI: 10.1002/0470025107.ch9

Organic Silicon Compounds Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1989)

Organic Silicon Compounds Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1989)

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Bock, H. and Solouki, B. (1989) Photoelectron Spectra of Silicon Compounds, in Organic Silicon Compounds Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1989) (eds S. Patai and Z. Rappoport), John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK. doi: 10.1002/0470025107.ch9

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  1. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

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  1. Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Niederurseler Hang, D-6000 Frankfurt (M) 50, West Germany

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  1. Published Online: 10 AUG 2004
  2. Published Print: 25 JAN 1989

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  1. PATAI'S Chemistry of Functional Groups

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  1. Saul Patai

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  1. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

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This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introductory Remarks: Photoelectron Spectroscopy Today and Scope of This Review

  • Real-time Gas Analysis Using Photoelectron Spectroscopy: The Detection of Short-lived Silicon Molecules by Their Ionization Fingerprints

    • Principle of PES Measurement and Some Experimental Details

    • Molecules with Triply Coordinated Silicon

      • PE Spectra of Silabenzene and Silatoluene H5C5SiR

      • PE Spectrum of Silaethene H2Si[DOUBLE BOND]CH2

    • Molecules with Doubly Coordinated Silicon: PE Spectra of Silylenes SiX2

    • Molecules with Singly Coordinated Silicon: PE Spectrum of Phenyl Silaisocyanide H5C6[BOND]N≡Si

    • PE Spectra of Other Unsaturated Silicon Compounds

  • Generation of Organosilicon Radical Cations in Solution as Predicted by First PES Ionization Energies and Some of Their Properties

    • The AlCl3/H2CCl2 Oxidation Potential

    • The Powerful Me3SiCH2 Donor Substituent

    • Organosilicon Radical Cations in Solution

      • 1H and 29Si ESR and ENDOR Spectroscopy

      • Spin Populations and Charge Distributions.

      • Structural Changes and Energy Hypersurface Calculations

      • Radical Cation Dynamics

    • Radical Cation States: Vertical and Adiabatic Time Scales

  • Rationalization of Photoelectron Spectroscopic Radical Cation State Sequences in Prototype Silicon Molecules

    • Comparison of Equivalent States of Chemically Related Molecules

    • Information from Photoelectron Spectra

    • ‘To Do or Not to d?’ Basis Sets and Polarization Functions

    • Case I: SiSi/SiSi Bond Interactions in Polysilane Radical Cations equation image

      • PE Spectra of Disilane and Ethane

      • PE Spectra of Open-chain Silanes SinH2n+2

      • Low-energy Ionizations of Permethyl Silanes Sin(CH3)m

    • Case II: π-conjugation in Silylacetylene Radical Cation H3Si[BOND]C≡C[BOND]H.⊕

    • Case III: PE Spectroscopically Parametrized Benzene π-perturbation by β-trimethylsilyl Substituents CH3−n(SiMe3)n

      • π-ionizations and Charge Transfer Excitations of Me3SiCH2-substituted Benzenes

      • Nonadditive Effects of Substituents CH3−n(SiMe3)n

    • Case IV: Lone-pair Ionizations in Silicon Compounds

      • PE Spectra of Selected Silicon Halides: H3SiCl, SiF4 and SiCl4

      • PE Spectroscopic Comparison of H3SiOSiH3, H3SiOCH3 and H3COCH3

      • PE and UV Spectra of Blue R3Si[BOND]N[DOUBLE BOND]N[BOND]SiR3

    • PE Spectra of Prototype Silicon Molecules: Information and Application

  • Ionization Potentials of Silicon-containing Molecules.

    • Data Compilation and Selection of Prototype PE Spectra

    • Saturated Molecules SinRm

    • Silicon-substituted Open-chain π-systems

    • Silicon-substituted Cyclic π-systems

    • Silyl Derivatives of Group 15 Element Compounds

    • Silyl Derivatives of Group 16 Element Compounds

    • Silyl and Organo Silyl Halides

    • Metallorganic and Miscellaneous Silicon-containing Compounds

  • Summary: Photoelectron Spectra of Silicon Compounds and Their Useful Application

  • References