Chapter 6. Costs of Dementia: A Review

  1. Mario Maj3 and
  2. Norman Sartorius4
  1. Bengt Jönsson1,
  2. Linus Jönsson2 and
  3. Anders Wimo2

Published Online: 11 FEB 2002

DOI: 10.1002/0470842350.ch6



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Jönsson, B., Jönsson, L. and Wimo, A. (2000) Costs of Dementia: A Review, in Dementia (eds M. Maj and N. Sartorius), John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK. doi: 10.1002/0470842350.ch6

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  1. 3

    University of Naples, Italy

  2. 4

    University of Geneva, Switzerland

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    Stockholm School of Economics, S-113 83 Stockholm, Sweden

  2. 2

    Division of Geriatric Medicine, Neurotec, Karolinska Institute, S-171 76 Stockholm, Sweden

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  1. Published Online: 11 FEB 2002
  2. Published Print: 13 JUN 2000

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Print ISBN: 9780471606987

Online ISBN: 9780470842355



  • depression;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • economics;
  • outcomes;
  • quality of life;
  • cost of illness;
  • pharmacotherapy


This paper reviews the evidence on the costs of dementia. We summarize and compare most of the published cost of illness (COI) studies of dementia, discuss some specific issues related to costing of dementia, and present the evidence on the relation between the severity of dementia and costs. An important use of costing data is as a basis for economic evaluations comparing costs and outcome for different treatment alternatives. Particularly with the introduction of new drugs, there has been a rapidly growing number of economic evaluations of therapies. The difficulties in defining relevant outcome measures for economic evaluations in dementia has the consequence that most of these evaluations only compare costs for different interventions. In particular, these studies are investigating whether the cost of new drugs is totally or partially offset by reductions in costs from progression of patients to more severe and costly states of the disease. The review ends with some conclusions and suggestions for further research.