UNIT 6.5 One-Dimensional Electrophoresis Using Nondenaturing Conditions

  1. Sean R. Gallagher

Published Online: 1 MAY 2001

DOI: 10.1002/0471143030.cb0605s05

Current Protocols in Cell Biology

Current Protocols in Cell Biology

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Gallagher, S. R. 2001. One-Dimensional Electrophoresis Using Nondenaturing Conditions. Current Protocols in Cell Biology. 5:6.5:6.5.1–6.5.11.

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  1. Motorola Corporation BioChip Systems, Tempe, Arizona

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  1. Published Online: 1 MAY 2001
  2. Published Print: JAN 2000


Two protocols for nondenaturing or native gel electrophoresis (i.e., in the absence of denaturing agents, detergent, or urea) are presented in this unit and offer a useful technique for analyzing the native size of proteins, subunit structure, and optimal separation. Mobility of proteins in native gels depends on size, shape, and intrinsic charge. Continuous PAGE is very flexible and permits cationic and anionic separations over a broad range of pH. Discontinuous PAGE is limited to separations of proteins that are negatively charged at neutral pH.