3. Accelerated Drug Development

  1. Mike S. Lee

Published Online: 27 JUN 2003

DOI: 10.1002/0471218812.ch3

LC/MS Applications in Drug Development

LC/MS Applications in Drug Development

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  1. Published Online: 27 JUN 2003
  2. Published Print: 20 FEB 2002

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  1. Wiley-Interscience Series on Mass Spectrometry

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Print ISBN: 9780471405207

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  • accelerated development strategies;
  • quantitative process elements;
  • qualitative process elements;
  • process pipeline;
  • motivating factors;
  • analysis opportunities;
  • accelerated development perspectives


An accelerated drug development strategy focuses on producing drug candidates and accomplishing goals in less time than with traditional development approaches. The key elements of accelerated development strategies involve the early identification of the most promising drug candidates. Opportunity exists to expose weaknesses early in the drug development cycle and to make decisions on how to address (i.e., refine) or drop from further development. The premise of this approach focuses on maximizing return on investment via the cost-effective application of resources.