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Electrochemical Techniques, Introduction

Electrochemical Techniques

  1. Andrew B. Bocarsly

Published Online: 12 OCT 2012

DOI: 10.1002/0471266965.com049.pub2

Characterization of Materials

Characterization of Materials

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Bocarsly, A. B. 2012. Electrochemical Techniques, Introduction. Characterization of Materials. 1–3.

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  1. Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA

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  1. Published Online: 12 OCT 2012


Modern electrochemistry provides both a synthetic methodology to the materials scientist and an analytical tool for the evaluation of compositions and the kinetics of charge transfer processes. On the one hand, a variety of bulk materials and functional surfaces are prepared electrochemically. Historically this includes the electrorefining of materials such as aluminum, gold, and copper; surface preparation as illustrated in the anodization of aluminum, the electroetching of semiconductors, and the electroplating of thick metallic films. Similarly, the electrosynthesis of soft materials, for example, conducting organic polymers is an important route in select cases. More recently, the electrosynthesis of quantum structures either by direct deposition as in the case of ultra-thin film layered metal structures, or by electroetching as exemplified in the synthesis of porous silicon has become an important application of electrochemistry. On the other hand, electroanalytical chemistry has been developed as an extremely sensitive physical characterization technique for the quantification of conducting and semiconducting surfaces and interfaces. The corrosion properties/processes of metallic surfaces and semiconductor electronic properties are two key areas where electrochemical characterization has had high impact. In keeping with the central analytical theme of this work, this chapter details the class of electrochemical techniques specifically aimed at characterizing materials and their interfaces.


  • electrochemical techniques;
  • electrochemistry;
  • electroanalytical techniques;
  • potentiometric measurements;
  • voltammetric measurements