• parvovirus infections;
  • childhood tumors;
  • anemia;
  • aplastic crisis;
  • neoplasms


Background. Several reports have been published of anemia due to infection by parvovirus in patients receiving chemotherapy for leukemia. However, parvovirus B19 has not been previously identified as a cause of chronic anemia in children with solid tumors.

Methods. A child with rhabdomyosarcoma developed chronic anemia, with need for regular blood transfusions during chemotherapy. An infectious etiology was sought.

Results. B19 viremia and an absent antibody response was present during the period of chronic anemia during chemotherapy. After completion of chemotherapy, the viremia cleared, IgM and IgG antibody to B19 virus were detected, and the anemia resolved.

Conclusions. Parvovirus must be considered as a cause of anemia in patients undergoing chemotherapy for solid tumors as well as leukemia.