• polyhydroxypolyamides;
  • alkylenediamine;
  • glucaric;
  • galactaric;
  • xylaric;
  • adhesives


A number of structurally different block copolymer polyhydroxypolyamides (PHPAs), produced by condensation polymerization of activated aldarates with 1o diamines, were evaluated for their water and methanol solubility and film-forming and adhesive properties. The polymers are composed of a single aldaric acid and a single diamine unit, a single aldaric acid and two diamine units, two aldaric acids and a single diamine unit, or two aldaric acids and two diamine units. The aldaryl monomer units in the polymers were derived from D-glucaric, xylaric, and galactaric (mucic) acids. A number of alkylenediamines and heteroatom (oxygen and nitrogen)-containing diamines were employed as comonomers. © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 77: 3085–3092, 2000