Binge eating disorder: A multisite field trial of the diagnostic criteria



Diagnostic criteria have been developed for a new eating disorder, binge eating disorder (BED), to describe the many individuals who have problems with recurrent binge eating but do not engage in the characteristic compensatory behaviors of bulimia nervosa, vomiting, or use of laxatives. The results of a multisite field trial involving 1,984 subjects indicate that the disorder is common (30.1%) among subjects attending hospital-affiliated weight control programs, but is relatively rare in the community (2.0%). The disorder is more common in females than in males and is associated with severity of obesity and a history of marked weight fluctuations. Based on these results, the DSM-IV Work Group on Eating Disorders has recommended that the disorder be considered for inclusion in DSM-IV, either as an official category or in an appendix of categories requiring further study.