Obese binge eaters may benefit from cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) approaches that target binge eating. In the present study, eight overweight women participated in a 16-week group CBT program. The Eating Disorder Examination (EDE), a clinical interview designed to assess the psychopathology specific to eating disorders, was administered pre- and post-treatment. Frequency of bulimic episodes during the 28 days prior to assessment was substantially reduced following treatment. Total days with bulimic episodes decreased from 13.4 to 1.2, with a mean reduction of 81%. As assessed by the EDE, dysfunctional concern for body shape and weight and disturbed attitudes about eating markedly diminished. Mood similarly improved. These find/rigs confirm that obese bingers improve after a CBT program designed to ameliorate binge eating and indicate the utility of the EDE in assessing treatment outcome with these patients.