The purpose of this article is to fine-tune a grounded-theory scheme originally proposed in this journal by Costa (1995). Costa categorized students according to the ease with which they succeed in school science; an ease related to the similarity between their life-world culture and the culture of school science. In this article, I propose an additional category, “I Want to Know” Students, to her five-category scheme. These are students who are just as interested in science as Costa's “Potential Scientists” but who find school science intimidating in some way, though not as intimidating as Costa's “I Don't Know” Students. By adding another category to Costa's scheme, researchers and teachers can better understand the range of differences between a student's life-world culture and the culture of school science. This understanding has direct implications for the ease with which students cross cultural borders into school science. © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Sci Ed85:180–188, 2001.