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  1. Linda M. Mascavage1,
  2. Serge Jasmin2,
  3. Philip E. Sonnet2,
  4. Michael Wilson2,
  5. David R. Dalton2

Published Online: 15 JAN 2011

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.a01_353.pub2

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Mascavage, L. M., Jasmin, S., Sonnet, P. E., Wilson, M. and Dalton, D. R. 2011. Alkaloids. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

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    Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, USA

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    Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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  1. Published Online: 15 JAN 2011


The article contains sections titled:

2.Alkaloids Derived from Polyketides and the Amino Acids Ornithine and Lysine
2.1.Alkaloids Derived by the Insertion of Nitrogen into a Polyketide
2.1.1.(S)-(+)-Coniine, γ-Coniceine and Related Alkaloids
2.1.2.Solenopsin Family (Fire Ant Alkaloids)
2.1.3.Perhydroazaphenalenes: Defensive Alkaloids of the Coccinellidae
2.1.4.Cyanobacteria Alkaloids
2.1.5.Additional Polyketide-Derived Alkaloids
2.2.Alkaloids Derived from Ornithine and/or Arginine
2.2.1.Tropane Alkaloids
2.2.2.Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
2.3.Alkaloids Derived from Ornithine (and/or Arginine) and Nicotinic Acid
2.4.Alkaloids Derived from Lysine (Lys, K) and Nicotinic Acid
2.5.Purine Alkaloids
2.6.Imidazole Alkaloids
2.7.Pepper Alkaloids
3.Alkaloids Derived from the Shikimate Pathway
3.1.Alkaloids Derived from Anthranilate
3.2.Alkaloids Derived from Phenylalanine and Tyrosine
3.2.1.Biosynthesis of Dopamine, Mescaline and Capsaicin
3.2.2.Biosynthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids
3.2.3.Cryptostyline (Orchidaceae) and Alkaloids of the Amaryllidaceae
3.2.4.Ephedra Alkaloids
3.3.Alkaloids Derived from Tyrosine
3.4.Alkaloids Derived from Tryptophan and/or Tryptamine (Indole Alkaloids)
3.4.1.Alkaloids Derived from Tryptamine and an Unrearranged Monoterpene Unit
3.4.2.Mold Metabolites
3.4.3.Ergot Alkaloids
3.4.4.Corynantheine–Heteroyohimbine Structural Types
3.4.5.Corynantheine-Type Alkaloids
3.4.6.Ajmalicine-Type Alkaloids
3.4.7.Heteroyohimbine Oxindole Type
3.4.9.Yohimbine–Reserpine Structural Types
3.4.10.Akuammidine–Quebrachidine–Ervatamine–Gelsemine–Akuammiline Structural Types
3.4.11.Uleine–Ellipticine–Vallesamine–Ngouniensine Structural Types
3.5.The Cinchona Structural Type
3.6.The Camptothecin Structural Type
3.7.Terpene, Sesquiterpene, Diterpene and Steroidal Alkaloids ([RIGHTWARDS ARROW] ((anchor interlink a26_205.xml Terpenes)))
3.7.1.Overview of Terpenoid Biosynthesis
3.7.2.Monoterpene Alkaloids
3.7.3.Sesquiterpene Alkaloids
3.7.4.Diterpene Alkaloids
3.7.5.Sesterterpene and Triterpene Alkaloids
3.7.6.Steroidal Alkaloids