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Crown Ethers

  1. Edwin Weber

Published Online: 15 APR 2007

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.a08_091.pub2

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Weber, E. 2007. Crown Ethers. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

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  1. Institut für Organische Chemie, TU-Bergakademie, Freiberg, Germany

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  1. Published Online: 15 APR 2007


The article contains sections titled:

1.Classification and Nomenclature
2.Physical Properties
3.Chemical Properties
4.Crown Ether Complexes
7.Toxicology and Occupational Health

Crown ethers belong to the general group of macrocyclic polyethers. The name crown ethers refers to the crown-like atomic arrangement. The most remarkable property of crown ethers is their ability to yield stable complexes with alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions and ammonium ions. Crown ethers may also act as “second-sphere ligands” of metal ion complexes. Under optimized conditions, crown ethers can be used effectively for ion extractions, but other important uses are, for example, as complexing agents and phase-transfer catalysts in organic syntheses. Besides the characteristics and uses of crown ethers, their production processes and toxicological features are addressed as well.