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Silver, Silver Compounds, and Silver Alloys

  1. Andreas Brumby13,
  2. Peter Braumann13,
  3. Klaus Zimmermann13,
  4. Francis Van Den Broeck14,
  5. Thierry Vandevelde14,
  6. Dan Goia15,
  7. Hermann Renner (retired)1,
  8. Günther Schlamp (retired)2,
  9. Klaus Zimmermann3,
  10. Wolfgang Weise4,
  11. Peter Tews (retired)5,
  12. Klaus Dermann6,
  13. Alfons Knödler (retired)7,
  14. Karl-Heinz Schröder8,
  15. Bernd Kempf9,
  16. Hans Martin Lüschow (retired)10,
  17. Cartrin Peter11,
  18. Rainer Schiele12

Published Online: 15 JAN 2008

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.a24_107.pub2

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Brumby, A., Braumann, P., Zimmermann, K., Van Den Broeck, F., Vandevelde, T., Goia, D., Renner, H., Schlamp, G., Zimmermann, K., Weise, W., Tews, P., Dermann, K., Knödler, A., Schröder, K.-H., Kempf, B., Lüschow, H. M., Peter, C. and Schiele, R. 2008. Silver, Silver Compounds, and Silver Alloys. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

Author Information

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    Degussa AG, Hanau, Germany

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    Demetron GmbH, Hanau, Germany

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    Degussa-Hüls AG, Hanau, Germany

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Publication History

  1. Published Online: 15 JAN 2008

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The article contains sections titled:

1.1.Centers of Silver Production
1.2.Extent of Production
1.3.Development of Production Processes
1.4.Monetary Significance and Price Structure
2.1.Atomic Properties
2.2.Physical Properties
2.3.Chemical Properties
3.Occurrence and Raw Materials
3.1.Formation, Abundance, and Distribution of Ores
3.2.Silver Minerals
3.4.Secondary Silver
3.5.Resources and Reserves
4.Extraction from Ores
4.1.Extraction from Silver Ores
4.1.4.Thiosulfate Leaching (Patera Process)
4.1.5.Metallurgical Processes
4.2.Extraction from Lead and Lead - Zinc Ores
4.2.1.Production of Lead Bullion
4.2.2.Cupellation without Prior Silver Enrichment
4.2.3.Silver Enrichment by the Pattinson Process
4.2.4.Silver Enrichment by the Parkes Process
4.2.5.Cupellation of Enriched Lead
4.2.6.Silver Extraction from Electrolytic Lead Refining
4.3.Extraction from Copper and Copper - Nickel Ores
4.3.1.Formation of Silver-Containing Copper Anode Slimes
4.3.2.Pretreatment of Copper Anode Slimes
4.3.3.Processing of Copper Anode Slimes
4.3.4.Silver Extraction from Copper Matte
4.4.Extraction from Gold Ores
4.5.Extraction from Tin Ores
5.Recovery from Secondary Silver
5.1.Via Copper Smelters
5.2.Via Lead Smelters
5.3.Via the Lead - Silver Smelting Process
5.4.Via Scrap Metal Leaching
5.5.Via Scrap Metal Electrolysis
5.6.Processing of Flue Dust
5.7.Processing of Copper Matte
5.8.Processing of Photographic Materials
5.9.Surface Desilvering
5.10.Processing of Special Scrap
6.Silver Refining
6.1.Fine Smelting
6.2.Refining with Nitric Acid (Inquartation)
6.3.Refining with Sulfuric Acid (Affination)
6.4.Möbius Electrolysis
6.5.Balbach - Thum Electrolysis
7.Silver Compounds
7.1.Silver Nitrate
7.2.Silver Halides
7.3.Silver Oxides
7.4.Other Soluble Silver Compounds
7.5.Other Insoluble Silver Compounds
7.6.Silver Complexes
7.7.Explosive Silver Compounds
8.Disperse Silver
8.1.Silver Particles and Flakes
8.2.Colloidal Silver
9.Silver Alloys
9.1.Binary Silver Alloys
9.2.Ternary Silver Alloys
9.3.Quaternary Silver Alloys
10.5.1.Silver Electroplating
10.5.2.Silver Plating by Chemical Reactions
10.5.3.Mechanical and Thermomechanical Plating
10.5.4.Physical Vapor Deposition
10.5.5.Firing Processes
10.6.Electronics and Electrical Technology
10.6.2.Electrical Engineering
10.7.Brazing Alloys
10.8.Chemical Equipment
10.11.Uses of Nanoscale Silver
10.12.Other Uses
11.Specifications and Analysis
11.1.Qualities and Commercial Grades
11.3.Qualitative Analysis
11.4.Quantitative Analysis
11.5.Purity Analysis
11.6.Trace Analysis
12.Economic Aspects
13.Toxicology, Occupational Health, and Safety
13.3.Explosion Hazards